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Understanding Our Unseen Reality

Praise for Understanding Our Unseen Reality:


"(This book) is a vitally important contribution. Prof Kastner has composed her work with clarity and precision, creating a journey into the quantum world that is engaging, lucid, and imminently accessible. A strength of the work is her ability to present very complex concepts embedded in high level mathematics with clarity and without presuming the reader's competency in the related mathematical languages and symbols."
Dr Jeffrey Ritter
University of Oxford and Johns Hopkins University

“Ruth Kastner is emerging as one of the latest new interpreters of the mysteries of quantum physics and as such provides a unique perspective that she calls the Possibilist Transactional Interpretation or PTI based on the TI theory of John Cramer, expounded earlier by Paul Davies, with both theories based on Richard P Feynman's earlier absorber theory. In her latest book she expands on her PTI through using some clever everyday analogies to bring the complexities of quantum physics into the realm of the non-expert … This is certainly a well-worthwhile read for those of you interested in how we are still grappling with understanding quantum physics 115 years after its inception.”
Fred Alan Wolf
popular author of many books including Time-loops and Space-twists, Parallel Universes, The Yoga of Time Travel

“With clarity and precision Ruth Kastner, a philosopher of science, explores the sub empirical realm that quantum physics has opened up for us. It is humbling to realize that science has brought us to the door of non physical reality where we cannot enter through the tools of measurement and experimental verification. Reading this book was a humbling and spiritual experience for me.”
Deepak Chopra, MD